Craig Hamilton-Parker

The British psychic, who foresaw the coronavirus, told a forecast for 2020

Craig Hamilton-Parker
Craig Hamilton-Parker
Craig Hamilton-Parker, a very popular psychic in the UK, presented new forecasts that relate to 2020. The man is already writing another book, he also spoke on television.

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Craig had previously predicted that biological weapons created in a Chinese laboratory would spread around the world. The prediction came true, the only thing is that China is not going to admit that the coronavirus “escaped” from the laboratory.

Over the next few years, the conflict will unleash in the Middle East. Iraq will go against the USA, several leaders will be overthrown after mass protests.

Donald Trump, despite the impeachment, will remain on the post of President of the United States: he will be acquitted by the Senate, and also he will be re-elected by people, moreover from very unexpected states, for example, Florida. Trump’s rival, Joe Biden, will be discredited due to a big scandal.

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In Europe, hard times will come in 2020. The EU will face natural disasters and military battles, the economy will decline. Problems will not affect Britain, since it has left the Union.

The people of North Korea will overthrow their leader Kim Jong-un. This will happen some time after the launch of a nuclear warhead into the ocean.

The protests in Hong Kong will continue, they will migrate to the mainland. The authorities will be forced to agree to radical changes, a democratic future awaits the country. Tibet will generally become a separate state and declare itself the Spiritual National Park.

2020, according to the seer, will be “rich” in natural disasters. Earthquakes will affect India and Japan, one island (name unknown) will generally go under water. Strong hurricanes will go through the Caribbean.

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Will these predictions come true? We’ll have to wait and see.

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