Max Spiers

Was Conspiracy Theorist Max Spiers “Terminated” By Advanced Alien Entities?

Max SpiersOne of the most unnerving unsolved deaths of the decade (up there with Michael Hastings and Seth Rich) has to be that of the conspiracy theorist, Max Spiers, who died in Poland under extremely mysterious circumstances.

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Max, who was an intrepid UFO researcher, was in Warsaw to give a talk on alien conspiracies. Evidently he felt he was on to something big and that shadowy powers were closing in on him. Days before he died, he texted his mother,

“if anything happens to me, investigate”

A friend of Max’s claims the investigator had infiltrated the upper tier of an alien conspiracy that is nothing short of mind boggling. This friend says that Max didn’t die of natural causes in Poland.

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He was “terminated” by “sophisticated elements” who then “brought him back” having “reprogrammed” him to be “demonstrated as a weapons system.”

No post-mortem autopsy was conducted, even though friends of Spiers from Canterbury, Kent, said Max had vomited a black liquid before he died.

Another UFO investigator, Miles Johnson, says Max knew he was going to die because he had exposed “enemies within other realities.”

Max Spiers texted his mum to say ‘If anything happens to me, investigate’ just days before his death.

He said: “We have now got an unthinkable situation. Max has died for his country and the people on this planet. We’re dealing with aliens.

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“We’re dealing with a predator within humanity, a fifth column, which has been successful so far in causing us a great deal of damage and harm. People like Max were involved in exposing that fifth column. He knew he was going to die. He knew he was in a trap. He told his mother that.”

Johnson claims he, too, is a target but cannot reveal who is pursuing him.

“Max did die but they didn’t get him. Ok.” Johnson added, during his radio interview with Eddie Mair who admitted he was confused: “We’re talking aliens. We’re talking concepts that are beyond normal comprehension here.”

“[He was] reprogrammed and that was part of the trophy. Because he was for sale to enemies of all us but they didn’t get him,” Johnson said.

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The creepiest part of the interview is when Mair asks whether Spiers was alive or dead. Johnson hedges; “not quite either.” Mair mumbles under his breath: “What does that mean?”

“They have control of us, alive and in our death state.”

Check out the last known interview with Max Spiers below.

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Jake Carter

Jake Carter is a researcher and a prolific writer who has been fascinated by science and the unexplained since childhood.

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  1. Hi there,

    I’m Marcin and I’ve been involved in at least one of the projects that Max Spiers was talking about. But main reason I write here is not my persona, but someone more related to Max, you’ve probably didn’t hear about earlier.

    Indi, because that’s her name, was attempted to be killed at the same time as Max. What’s more, it was not only the same time, but nearly the same place (~30km away, at the South of Poland). At that time Indi and Max didn’t know each other, but recently Indi had session where she could communicate with Max’s Essence and they do know each other from more subtle spaces.

    Why do I write this comment? I don’t have any commercial benefit from that. All the activity of Indi on youtube is focused on reaching as many species with Essence in their Hearts as possible. Her messages are given in Polish language, but there is also English channel with subtitles. We are working on translating more videos, and currently we’re putting effort to translate session with Max into English.

    If you are interested in spiritual growth and you’ve heard a call from your Soul to check the messages from Indi, here is the English channel:
    The main, Polish channel:

    Wishing you All The Best,

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