Died the oldest man in the world: he was 112 years old

112-year-old Titaco Watanabe from Japanese Prefecture of Niigata died less than two weeks after receiving the testimony of the oldest man in the world from Guinness World Records.

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The organization and the funeral home, which deals with his case, confirmed that an elderly Niigata resident passed away on Sunday.

After receiving a certificate from Guinness World Records on February 12, a 112-year-old man stopped eating. According to relatives, the man could not eat, had a fever, and it became difficult to breathe for a few days before his death.

Watanabe was born on March 5, 1907 in the city of Yoetsu in Niigata Prefecture. He graduated from an agricultural college and worked as a clerk for many years, and after retiring he worked in the garden and grew miniature bonsai trees.

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He believed that the secret of longevity in the ability to rejoice and avoid stress.

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