Mars Planet

Mars was inhabited: scientists found conclusive evidence

Mars PlanetAccording to new findings by experts from NASA, in the past Mars had all the conditions for the origin of life. Despite finding various evidence, scientists still have not found a single remnant of a living creature.

Recently, the Curiosity apparatus took an analysis of the soil, thanks to which it was possible to establish that 3.5 billion years ago the soil on the Red Planet was the same as on Earth.

It is interesting that it was 3.5 billion years ago that life was born on our planet.

This is not the first study confirming the guesses of scientists. Somewhere 100% should be the remains of creatures, because before there was also water on Mars with a suitable level of acidity.

The chances of finding life will increase this year when NASA launches a new rover.

In the meantime, scientists are building theories and are content with the existing results of scientific activity.

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