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Bull mutilation

Mysterious cattle mutilation continues in Oregon and Argentina

Bull mutilationRecently in Oregon and Argentina there were fresh cases of cattle mutilation. On August 14, 2021, a black Angus purebred bull, valued at $ 4,500, was found dead at Greenbar Ranch in Wheeler County, Oregon.

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The rancher found that one eye, nose, ear, part of the muzzle, part of the tail and of course the genitals were carefully cut from the body of the bull. He states that this was done with surgically precise incisions.

This is the fifth case of cattle mutilation in Wheeler County in 20 months, according to local Capital Press.

In neighboring Harney County, there have been five such cases over the past four years, two of which occurred this year, in May and July.

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Sheriff’s departments across all Oregon counties share information about such cases, but Wheeler County Sheriff Jeremy Holmes, who has investigated some of the cases, says all ten cases in Wheeler and Harney counties are still open, and all ten look eerily similar.

At the same time, they notified the FBI about the incident.

Now let’s move on to recent events in Argentina.

In recent weeks, unusual cases of disfigured animals have appeared in the province.

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In Hasenkamp, ​​the breeder found a heifer weighing about 400 kg with strange disabilities, she was missing the udder, genitals, part of the jaw, tongue and eyes.

Meanwhile, in Isletas, Diamante department, cattle breeders found one of their goats dead and mutilated, missing a tongue, two eyes, one ear and a jaw. The flesh from the jaws was cut off and the teeth were bared, reports the newspaper El Once..

Although many locals blame the Chupacabra, ufologists have a strong belief that this is all the work of aliens. In particular, the same newspaper El Once cites the opinion of ufologist Andrea Perez Simondini, who says that mysterious lights are often seen during cattle mutilation, and believes that they have a direct connection.

According to Simondini, by studying the wounds on the goat’s face, he was able to determine the type of wound – this is the so-called “cut”, which is used in genetic research.

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“Mutilation has been found in many species of animals such as horses, cows, pigs, goats, sheep, and interestingly, all cuts have a direct connection to genetic research on the senses, such as mouth, eyes, etc. We have been fighting for years so that the authorities focus on this,”says Perez Simondini.

It is difficult to understand why aliens would only take genetic samples from cows, goats and other farm animals, and not people, other livestock or wild animals.

It is believed by many to be secret genetic research conducted by people either in the large and competitive cattle business or in government, where they can conduct covert disease research.

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