Pineal Gland

Decalcifying and Activating Your Pineal Gland

Pineal GlandThe pineal gland, often shrouded in mystery, is an important endocrine gland, responsible for producing melatonin and regulating sleep patterns. But many know it better in spiritual terms as the third eye. In most people, this gland is calcified or hardened, thus not functioning at its full capacity. Decalcifying and activating your pineal gland can help you reach higher levels of consciousness.

What Causes Calcification?

Calcification of the pineal gland is caused by a number of things, but mainly lifestyle and environmental factors. We live in a toxic world and are surrounded by a myriad of chemical substances.

Things like fluoride, chlorine and bromide can harden the pineal gland. These substances are found in tap water, personal care products and processed foods. Little by little they add up, affecting this all-important gland.

Decalcifying Your Pineal Gland

The best way to start decalcifying your pineal gland is by stopping the causes. Clean up your environment and your lifestyle. Go organic as much as possible; eliminate processed foods and household chemicals. Think “all natural.”

Removing years of toxic build up from your pineal gland takes time and dedication. Slow and steady is the only way to go and you should consult a holistic practitioner for advice.

Some of the best substances to consume for decalcification are: organic blue ice skate fish oil, raw cacao, lemon juice, garlic, and raw apple cider vinegar.

Experts also recommend working with boron, melatonin and iodine. While you can use supplements, you’re better off eating beets for boron and seaweed for iodine. As for melatonin, meditation and dimming lights an hour before bed can help.

Activating Your Pineal Gland

Your pineal gland will start to function better on its own once you work to decalcify it. However, you can jumpstart it in a number of ways.

You can eat raw cacao. Not only does it decalcify, it also stimulates the third eye.

Working with crystals and gemstones can also activate the third eye. Practically any blue stone can be used, but lapis lazuli, sapphire and amethyst work very well. Hold them while meditating or place them in the middle of your forehead while lying down.

Most important of all is meditation. Breathe and focus on your third eye during meditation and see it vibrating and activating.

Be consistent and persistent when working with your pineal gland. You will be rewarded!

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