Dreaming Of Deceased Relatives

Dream Interpretation: Dreaming Of Deceased Relatives

Dreams of dearly departed relatives can often be mysterious and confusing. They are often filled with a great deal of emotion, which can make interpreting these dreams all the more difficult. Although each dream is unique, there are some common themes that may help you gain a little more insight into the messages of these touching dreams.

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Has a loved one in your dream passed on recently? The fact that he or she appears in your dream likely indicates you are still coping with his or her death. The grieving process takes many forms, including dreams.

Sometimes we are so caught up in funeral arrangements and other details that we don’t have time to get in touch with our feelings or say our personal goodbyes. Dreams are a way of connecting and coping.

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Even if your dearly departed one has been gone for some time, dreams may still occur. In the rush to “get back to normal”? we sometimes ignore our grief—sometimes for years. Dreaming of your loved one can help you heal.


Sometimes dreams of deceased relatives have nothing to do with their deaths per se. They may simply serve as a symbol of some other”death”? occurring in your life. If you have suffered from any losses recently, such as a job, an illness, a major disappointment or emotional trauma, it may feel like a death.

In effect, you may feel as if parts of you have died, or someone close has died. Subconsciously these emotions may trigger sensations similar to those you experienced at the death of your family member. Somehow the brain connects these events, and they show up in your dreams.

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Sometimes dreaming of a departed loved one is actually a visitation. After all, spiritually speaking, we never really die. Our souls are eternal, and as spiritual beings we are multidimensional.

Although relatives can show up as spirits or spirit guides, it is often difficult to so do. Dense earth vibrations make it difficult for them to appear. Also, many of us are not very receptive when they reach us. We either doubt our intuition or are too busy and distracted to pay attention. Dreams are usually the best and easiest way for the departed to say hello.

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The next time you dream of a loved one who has crossed over, explore your feelings and embrace the eternal love that you share.

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