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ABC TV News Channel Accidentally Airs ‘Satanic Ritual’ on Live TV

An Australian network has accidentally broadcast a clip of a Satanic ritual during a news report.

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The anchor Yvonne Yong was presenting a story about Queensland’s proposal to make killing of police horses or dogs as a criminal offense. Her narrations gets visually cut by a shot of three officers walking down, and then pans back at her.

However, the segment was briefly interrupted by a clip of a Satanic ritual, with a man in a black robe declaring: “Hail, Satan”.

The scene shifted to the visual of three people standing behind an inverted brightly lit, upside-down cross and one of them is seen wearing a black robe like dress with a flowing cape behind, hands held up.

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The man dressed in black robe can be seen putting up his hands up and saying “Hail, Satan”.

In the short clip, a man covered in a black robe can be seen standing in front a table with symbols on it. A woman wearing a black robe can be seen standing beside him while another women is sitting next to a keyboard. The ritual seems to be taking place in a dark room with red lights on.

ABC TV presenter Yvonne Yong continued with the broadcast after the clip of the satanic ritual aired.

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It is not known how the clip of the ritual made its way into a segment on police dogs. ABC TV did not immediately respond to a request for comment from Insider.

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