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7ft face-peeling aliens attacks in Peru have taken a strange turn

Villagers in Peru are convinced that something “very sinister” is at play in their area. Locals in San Antonio de Pintuyacu claim seven-foot “yellow-eyed” mysterious creatures are terrorising their village.

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They reportedly claim the creatures were behind the attempted abduction of a teen girl. Speaking to The Sun, American explorer, Timothy Alberino says the villagers are petrified.

They allege they have seen the mysterious figures on multiple occasions and have also witnessed UFOs soaring silently overhead.

Peruvian villagers claim they are under attack from 7ft-tall ‘aliens’

Dozens of sightings of the creatures were reported and five acres of trees were burned to give locals a chance to see the area., reports Daily Star.

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Those responsible are said to be up to seven feet tall and wearing ‘black body armour.’ They are also said to be wearing oval-shaped helmets and have yellow eyes.

One of these villains was caught on video by a local boy. You can see a man or something in his likeness sitting on the top of a tree.

Documenting the strange occurrences explorer Timothy Alberino took to social media site X. He claims to have spoken to a 15-year-old girl who said she was caught by the mysterious creatures, who “put a syringe” into her nose and put numbing cream on her face.

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They then proceeded to make “two deep incisions into her neck” with a scalpel, before managing to pull on of their helmets off and escaping into the jungle.

“Although I cannot say for certain who the face peeler perpetrators are in Peru, I can confirm, unequivocally, that the phenomenon is real and ongoing. My hypothesis is that they are nefarious humans with reverse-engineered alien tech, and possibly working with a non-human faction,” researcher says.

“I did not experience the face peeler phenomenon myself, but I did equip the men of the village with night vision goggles that have recording capabilities. If they film something with the tech they will send it to me immediately.”

Alberino does not believe the attacks are as mythical as the villagers think but could in fact be worse than they think.

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“Worst case scenario this is an international organisation of organ harvesters or sex traffickers who are in possession of top-secret hardware and they are using it to do something very sinister… I honestly believe that’s what we’re dealing with here.”

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