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Ex-US Navy officer said that “non-human beings” appeared to him at night

In 2020, Matthew Roberts, a former officer in the US Navy, published the book “Initiated: UFOs, Dreams, Depression, Delirium, Shadow People, Psychoses, Sleep Paralysis, and Pandemics” in the United States.

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During Roberts’ tenure on the aircraft carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt in 2015, a UFO was recorded on video by a military pilot, known as “Gimbal,” which he encountered.

This video, along with another from 2004 depicting a Tic-Tac-shaped UFO and a 2015 UFO sighting from Theodore Roosevelt, went viral. In 2019, the US Navy officially validated the authenticity of all three videos, causing a significant impact on society.

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The Gimbal UFO incident profoundly affected Roberts, despite his prior limited interest in UFOs, although he had heard rumors from fellow military personnel.

Describing his initial reaction to “Gimbal,” Roberts remarked, “I watched this video and I didn’t see any of the aviation surfaces that you would expect to see on a standard aircraft—like the wings, the tail, the rudders. There was nothing like that. I really couldn’t figure out how this thing was holding up in the air.”

He later drew a logical conclusion, stating, “I knew it didn’t belong to us or anyone else. So the only other possibility, I think, was that it was non-human intelligence technology.”

Following the UFO incident aboard the aircraft carrier, Roberts joined the Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI) but served there only until 2020, subsequently departing from the military.

Matthew Roberts
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During those three years, he delved into the subject of UFOs and aliens, sharing his personal encounters with “non-human beings” in detail within his book, “The Initiated.”

Initially, these encounters manifested as peculiar sensations waking him at night, as if something was manipulating his body and unfamiliar hands were reaching out to him. Subsequently, he began perceiving the outlines of figures.

“I woke up several times a week, feeling my body sliding across the bed, and I knew they were taking me. One day I woke up because I felt a hand grab my arm. I tried to raise my hands to my face, but could not move. I could see the outline of a dark figure with a torso, two arms, and a head standing above me.”

This experience bears similarities to sleep paralysis, a phenomenon medical professionals attribute to disruptions in the body’s rhythms. However, Roberts firmly believed it was linked to UFOs and the extraterrestrial intelligence behind them.

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“When I was in the Navy and saw the videotape, I already knew that there was something inhuman out there somewhere. And when these creatures began to appear in my room, I knew that it was all real. I took comfort in the fact that I’m going crazy because I knew it was real. There’s a lot of evidence of UFOs from sensors and radar.”

After the book was published, Matthew gave several interviews, including writing a post on the Reddit website in the section dedicated to UFOs: “I did not hallucinate and was not delusional. During these experiences, I was introduced to concepts, ideas, and names of authors that I had never heard of before.

“However, in my real life, I could Google these things and find them This is such a serious topic that deserves serious discussion. I left my career because I thought it was too serious.

“I could have stayed and then retired safely and continued this work as a civilian earning six figures, but I understand that this topic is not just for a select few, it affects us all. There is not a single aspect of human life that is not affected in one way or another by this phenomenon.”

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In his comments, Roberts described what those “non-human creatures” that came to him looked like: “I saw ones that had blue skin and were tall. I saw very tall white ones that looked like Jack Skellington (Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas character). I also saw one that looked like a gnome. I saw some , which seemed to emit a white light. I don’t know where they were from, they never indicated it.”

Some of the creatures looked like Jack Skellington

According to Roberts, he could not film them on his phone because they put him in a state of altered consciousness or appeared when he simply did not have a phone at hand. And he understands perfectly well that he has no evidence of his words, so some people will believe him, but others will not.

“When you start to experience them, that perception starts to change a lot because you start to realize that in ancient times we called them different things: angels, gods, demons…

“You begin to realize that aliens are not the right term. All this is much more complex and requires much more complex notation. Our vocabulary for describing this is incredibly limited, so it is very difficult to put much of it into words.

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“This is so far beyond what we consider to be reality that we don’t even have words to accurately describe what is happening. Such words simply are not in our dictionary.”

Roberts’ contacts with “non-human beings” began in late 2017 and ended in the spring of 2018. He was “taken away” several times a week, so these were quite intense contacts.

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