Huge crashed disc-shaped UFO spotted on Mars

Renowned ufologist and virtual archaeologist Jean Ward has shared his unusual find.

In a picture of the surface of Mars from a NASA spacecraft, the ufologist noticed the outlines of a huge disc-shaped object that probably crashed when it collided with the planet’s surface.

The mysterious object, about 15 meters in size, is partially buried under the Martian soil.

This, according to the ufologist, suggests that the UFO before the collision had a high speed, so the pilot of the apparatus tried to slow down its movement on the surface of the planet.

The ufologist believes that even before the fall, the UFO was badly damaged, since its pilot had no choice but to make an emergency landing.

The researcher draws attention to the fact that even alien ships have their drawbacks.

The photograph analyzed here (PSP_001984_1735) was acquired by NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter on 29 December 2006

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