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Yellowstone Volcano expands and destroys trees in the park

The famous supervolcano in American Yellowstone National Park during an eruption can destroy a large part of the United States. The last time a major eruption was 640 thousand years ago, and no one knows when will happen next. Therefore, every change in the activities of the supervolcano is tracked with great concern.

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Another reason for unrest was given by geologists, who found out that the underground part of the super-volcano has expanded over the last 20 years to a new territory.

The satellite images taken in 1994 already showed a pale spot on which there were almost no trees left. The trees could not stand the hot soil and dried. By 2006, the spot continued this trend.

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By 2017, this pale green spot turned into a completely dead zone and a new zone formed to the south of it.

The size of the new spot is about 8 hectares, like four football fields.

These frightening changes are reported by the Caldera Chronicles, which regularly monitors the supervolcano of Yellowstone.

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Under the ground in these zones new areas are formed with hot springs or geysers, of which there are about 10 thousand in the park.

However, experts do not see much cause for concern. According to them, this activity is in line with the expected assumptions. However, the United States is actively searching for a way to protect itself as much as possible from the alleged eruption.

The picture above shows the zone of destruction of the United States during the supposedly powerful eruption of Yellowstone Supervolcano.

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