Spiritual awakening

The Stages Of Spiritual Awakening

Spiritual awakeningWhat is spiritual awakening? How can we develop our spiritual awareness? And most importantly, how can we maintain it and use it? We are living very interesting times where it is becoming increasingly normal for us to search for our spiritual nature.

The everyday rhythm of life makes us mentally asleep, unaware of ourselves and entirely absorbed in whatever external impulse captures our attention, having a bad influence on our dream state, which becomes essentially unproductive.


The highly acclaimed movie “The Secret” showed that people are ready to embrace the laws of the Universe and find out more about who they really are.

To become spiritually awake, to overcome selfishness and attachment, to become free from temptations we have to gain access to the Universal vital energy which flows through the universe. First, it entails detachment from the earthly plane. It is the moment to awaken the wisdom within.


The first step on the path to spiritual awakening is pulling yourself out of the vicious circle of everyday life. You don’t need to fly all the way to Tibet to find peace of mind, you just need to learn to monitor your thoughts based on how they make you feel.

Once you begin to observe your thoughts more carefully and pay attention to the feelings in your body, you will gradually turn your attention inward and observe yourself more intimately. You will soon realize that social dramas, negativity and temptations are all coming from outside even if you feel them happening in your own mind.


Once you start to awaken, you will experience one or more of these symptoms:

• New Sleeping Patterns

You may experience restlessness, hot feet, waking up several times a night. Wake up feeling tired and sleepy during the day.

• Activity At The Top Of The Head

You may feel itching or tingling sensations along the scalp and/or down the spine. Sense a vibration on top of your head, as if energy is coming out from the head.

• Emotional Roller Coaster

You may feel like crying out of nothing or feel angry all of a sudden with little aggravation. Or you may feel totally depressed and then extremely happy. Accept your emotions as they appear and let them go.

• Old Stuff That Keeps Coming Up

People with whom you need to sort things out begin to show up in your life. Or issues that need your attention, such as self-worth, abundance, addictions, etc. The help you need to sort things through will start to appear.

• Life Shattering Events

It can be anything from death, divorce, job layoffs, foreclosure, illness that forces you to slow down and think about where your life is going. Change, re-examine who you really are and what you value in the world.

• A Yearning To Find Yourself

You suddenly feel the urge to change your circle of friends, behavior, job etc. You begin to question who you really are and feel that your current life may be a product of unconscious decisions.

• Vivid dreams

Sometimes your dreams appear so real that you wake up extremely confused. Many dreams may be carry messages for you. Don’t worry, you will remember everything that is important. Don’t force anything.


Don’t resist change. You are shifting toward a more fulfilling and meaningful life experience and purpose. Spiritual awakening helps you to become deeply connected to the life forces of the Universe.

Our pursuit of spiritual awakening is a complex process that involves getting out of the box of past beliefs, thinking patterns and old behaviors. People who live off the spiritual path are slaves of their biological impulses, random acts of manifestation and social dramas.

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