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God hides in our brains: what science says about contact with divine beings

The cylindrical apparatus engulfs the nun, who eschews her traditional brown habit and long veil for a plain T-shirt and loose hospital pants. Equipped with earplugs and resting her head on foam cushions to muffle the deafening roar akin to a jet engine, she braces herself for the experience. Supercooled colossal magnets create formidable fields around her head in a cutting-edge endeavor to delve into her thoughts as she communicates with her deity. Stepping away from their cloistered existence, the Carmelite nun and her 14 Catholic sisters find themselves in this confined azure tube, a far cry from the wooden…

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Zoe Mitchell

Zoe Mitchell is an independent researcher and writer on extraordinary topics. She has a passion for delving into the realms of UFOs, paranormal phenomena and the enigmatic.

Zoe has a degree in journalism and a keen interest in history, mythology and folklore. She believes that there is more to reality than meets the eye, and that the truth is often stranger than fiction.