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House cleansing

Ten Steps To Spiritually Clear Your Home

House cleansingWhen we acquire a house, we want to make it our house. Sometimes, however, the love we pour into our four walls cannot be accepted. Energies (residue from negative thoughts, emotions and actions can take up residence. This can happen when a dramatic trauma has occurred (divorce, separations, unexpected deaths, i.e., suicide or murder).

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There are houses that we just know are “haunted.” We enter and the hair on our neck and arms stands to full attention. Other times it’s subtle. You might feel “something” but cannot define it. Regardless, these spirits or energies can be assisted and the house can be cleared.

There are simple steps to follow in order to accomplish a successful house clearing. Sometimes this task may require the assistance of a more experienced practitioner. Clients have shared with me that they did everything ‘right” only to have activity increase. Others have stated that the spirit or energy went away only to return a few days/weeks/months later. So, if you feel that your house could use a good cleaning and clearing – here are some simple guidelines.

1.Thoroughly clean every room of the house. This includes removing clutter, dusting, cleaning cobwebs and clearing out and organizing all closets and drawers. It is essential to have free flowing Chi.

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2. If you know that the energy or spirit in your house is a deceased person – do some homework. Try to find out the earthly name given to this person; a first name will be sufficient. The full name is best. If this information cannot be located, the clearing can still take place.

3. Purchase sea salt, sage, white candle and rose scented incense. The sea salt neutralizes energy. Sage clears energy. The white candle assists in calling forth Lightworkers. The rose scented incense is an offering to all angels, guides and Lightworkers. It shows our intent of thankfulness. Each tool is absolutely necessary just as are the steps.

4. Open all windows and doors in the house.

5. Stand in the center of the house. Protect yourself by calling upon The Brotherhood of White Light. Ask for angels to come and assist in the ceremony.

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6. Light the candle.

7. Light the sage.

8. Walk into every room carrying both the candle (don’t burn yourself) and the sage. State your intention out loud as you walk into the rooms. If you know the name of the deceased, use it in your statement of intention.
An example of this might sound like this: “Mary Smith my intention is to lovingly assist you into the light today. Angels are here to assist. I ask that you allow them to help you pass to the light of love. It is done.”

9. Once you have gone through the house, you may feel a need to walk the yard repeating your intention. Sometimes you will know intuitively that the house is cleared. Trust your feelings. It may be necessary to repeat the steps a few times, even without using any names, for a full clearing.

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10. Once you feel the house has been cleared, place sea salt in the four corners of the house. Close the windows and doors. Blow out the candle. Extinguish the sage’s ash (follow the instructions on the package for best results.) Light the rose scented incense, allowing it to burn all the way down. Give Thanks.

Your responsibility after a house clearing is to protect your environment from negativity. One way is to sage on a regular basis. Another solution is to resolve any conflicts as quickly and calmly as is practical. If a tragedy should occur in your home, it will be necessary to repeat the clearing ceremony.

By Allyson Roberts

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