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Aliens are, Allegedly, Monitoring United States Nukes

earth alienSeven former US Air Force personnel and an author are so concerned that aliens could be monitoring the country’s nukes that they held a press conference.

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On Monday, September 27, 2010, six former US Air Force, USAF, officers, an enlisted man and an author discussed aliens and nuclear missiles and their conviction that UFOs have been observed near nuclear weapon testing and storage sites during a press conference in the National Press Club’s Holeman Lounge.

They urged the government to publicly confirm the incidents, stating that they were ordered never to discuss the incidents. The event was open only to credentialed media and Congressional staff; however it was widely reported on an array of media outlets, including CNN.

Participants in UFO and Nuke Presentation

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With the exception of researcher and author Robert Hastings, all of the men were former USAF personnel. They were Colonel Charles Halt, Lieutenant Colonel Dwynne Arneson, Robert Jamison, nuclear missile targeting officer, Patrick McDonough, nuclear missile site geodetic surveyor and launch officers Jerome Nelson, Captain Robert Salas and Bruce Fenstermacher.

Agenda of the UFO and Nuke Meeting

Hastings, author of UFOs and Nukes: Extraordinary Encounters at Nuclear Weapons Sites, co-hosted the event. He moderated a credible panel of former USAF personnel who had been involved in UFO incidents at nuclear missile sites near Malmstrom, F.E. Warren and Walker Air Force Bases and the nuclear weapons depot at the English Royal Air Force Bentwaters.

The event’s plans included witnesses testimony from more than one hundred and twenty former or retired military personnel who evidenced a continuing and apprehensive interference by unidentified aerial objects at nuclear weapons sites.

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In some cases, it’s said, several nuclear missiles simultaneously and mysteriously malfunctioned while a disc-shaped object silently lingered nearby.

The men planned to distribute declassified United States government documents that they claim will validate the reality of UFO activity at nuclear weapons sites dating back to 1948. The press conference also addressed current concerns about the manipulation of government secrecy and the continuing threat of nuclear weapons. Salas told that this was the clichéd tip of the iceberg.

UFO and Nuke Encounters

Salas was on duty at Malmstrom Air Force Base in Montana when an unidentified aerial object hovered over the base on March 16, 1967. Ten Minuteman Missiles shut down. An identical incident happened at another location a week later.

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Halt saw a disc-shaped object aiming light beams into the Royal Air Force, RAF, Bentwaters Airbase and heard an announcement on the radio that the beams were in the nuclear weapons storage area. Both men stated that the RAF warned them never to discuss details of the incidents.

Salas’ and Halt’s Opinions about the UFO and Nuke Incidents

Are the events evidence of an unknown military action from a foreign country or extraterrestrials? Salas stated that he finds it intriguing that “they” have an interest in American nuclear arsenals.

He believes that “they” are aliens and that the United States Air Force lies about the national security implications of UFOs’ presence at nuclear bases which can be proved. Halt added that he believes that the security services of both the US and the UK have tried to undermine the significance of what occurred at RAF Bentwaters by using techniques of disinformation.

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Is Alien Monitoring of US Nukes being Covered Up?

In July, 1947, many witnesses saw a mysterious aircraft plummet to the ground in Roswell. New Mexico. Major Jesse Marcel investigated the incident. Evidence was confiscated. Orders were given to all involved not to talk about the incident.

In 1978, Marcel contacted retired Nuclear Physicist and respected UFOlogist Stan Friedman and told him about the Roswell incident. Friedman has investigated UFOs for over fifty years. He’s convinced the government has known about UFOs since 1947 and that there has been an extensive government cover up.

Lieutenant Walter Haut, the Public Information Officer at the time of the incident, wrote a notarized affidavit authorizing its release after his death. He died in December 2005. He had been taken to heavily secured Building 84 and saw a metallic-like object about thirteen feet long and six feet high with no windows, wings, a tail section or landing gear and a couple of bodies under a tarpaulin.

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The British National Archives published articles about UFO sightings that took place during many decades. The most recent declassified files included a letter stating Winston Churchill ordered at least a fifty year cover-up of a World War II encounter between a UFO and a military pilot because he was afraid the public would panic.

These events further support the possibility that aliens are monitoring nukes and that the government is covering them up; however, there’s also the possibility that aliens monitoring nukes is a creative hoax.

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