Signals of Extraterrestrial Civilizations may be coming to Earth already now

Signals of Extraterrestrial CivilizationsAccording to Roscosmos, advanced alien civilization may be sending out signals across the galaxy, but these are simply imperceptible for us right now.

This is according to astronomers who believe that we can’t possibly say there’s no one out there just because we haven’t spotted any alien signals so far.

The existence of exoplanets orbiting their host stars in the so-called habitable zone indirectly suggests that there are places in the cosmos that are favorable for life as we know it to emerge.

According to our best estimates, there are between 100 and 400 billion stars and at least that many planets could be habitable for life on Earth. To date, NASA has found more than 4,150 (confirmed) exoplanets in the habitable zone, many of which orbit their hosts stars.

There are other 5,142 candidates, and many of them will turn out to be real exoplanets, according to the director of Roscosmo’s Long-Term Programs and Science Alexander Bloshenko.

“It is quite possible that some signals based on non-classical principles incomprehensible for us today are going through Earth,” Bloshenko explained.

“Currently, it is conclusively known that about 4,000 exoplanets [the planets of other stars] exist. At the same time, over two trillion galaxies are located in the visible part of the Universe and in each of them trillions of planets may exist. And the probability that life similar to ours exists on any of them is quite big,” the Roscosmos official added.

It depends on many factors to understand whether we are alone in the universe. The most significant aspect is our ability to scan the cosmos for possible signs and look for planets that are similar to Earth.

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