King Charles urged to advocate for disclosure of British ‘X-Files’

Documentary creator Mark Christopher Lee has proposed that King Charles take action to compel the Government to disclose Britain’s classified information, known as the X-Files, in order to prepare the nation for the potential encounter with extraterrestrial beings, reports

Lee’s latest production delves into the potential challenges that the acknowledgment of alien existence could present to established religious beliefs.

Lee highlights King Charles’s personal fascination with UFOs, a passion he inherited from his late father, Prince Philip, who dedicated seven decades to their study.

Considering King Charles’s significant role as the head of the Church of England, Lee asserts that the monarch bears a responsibility to ready the millions of worshippers under his influence for the profound implications of encountering extraterrestrial life.

This preparation is deemed essential as the introduction of extraterrestrial beings may introduce novel deities that could potentially challenge conventional human faiths.

Lee’s forthcoming UFO documentary, titled “God Versus Aliens,” is set to debut on Sky on August 10th. In a bid to emulate the United States, Lee advocates for the United Kingdom to organize public hearings to thoroughly investigate instances of close encounters with unidentified flying objects.

He said: “King Charles has an interest in UFOs handed down to him by his father the late Prince Philip.

“I’m calling on our King to put pressure on the Prime Minister Rishi Sunak to release the truth about what the UK knows about UFOs to the public.

“They also need to put pressure on US government and other governments worldwide.

“This is not just something that affects the US but a worldwide phenomena.

“The people of the world deserve to know the truth.

“As head of the Church of England he has a duty to prepare the millions of followers of the Church around the world for the impact of disclosure that we are not the only sentient life in the universe.”

Rev Daniel Thompson, a practising Church of England priest, said the revelation aliens exist would be massive and have profound spiritual implications for all religions.

“Minds will be blown,’’ he said.

The late Prince Philip’s interest in extraterrestrial phenomena was sparked in 1955 when a bricklayer named Fred Briggs reported a close encounter on the estate of Philip’s uncle, Lord Louis Mountbatten.

After witnessing a humanoid figure emerge from a spacecraft during his bicycle commute to work, Briggs experienced disorientation and unease. Lord Mountbatten, a former chief of defense staff for the UK, relayed this incident to Prince Philip at his Broadlands estate in Hampshire.

Following this account, Prince Philip developed a profound curiosity about extraterrestrial matters. He amassed a collection of UFO-related literature, subscribed to relevant periodicals, and engaged an ex-RAF pilot to conduct investigative work on his behalf. Notably, he facilitated interviews with eyewitnesses to further explore these encounters.

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