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Scientists claim to spot thousands of mushrooms on the Mars

A study report published in the journal Astrobiology and Space Science has claimed to have discovered alien life on Mars.

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The study report states that mushroom-like objects can be seen oriented towards the sky.

“There are no abiogenic processes that can explain the mushroom-morphology, size, colors, and orientation and growth of, and there are no terrestrial geological formations which resemble these mushroom-lichen-shaped specimens,” read the study’s abstract which is published in Research Gate.

“Although the authors have not proven these are living organisms, the evidence supports the hypothesis that mushrooms, algae, lichens, fungi, and related organisms may have colonized the Red Planet and may be engaged in photosynthetic activity and oxygen production on Mars.”

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Researchers believe that the alleged living beings are showing typical behaviors of mushrooms that grow on earth. Jim Green, the chief scientist at NASA, believes that alien life forms will be discovered by 2021.

Mushroom and lichen-like structures on Mars (NASA)
Mushroom and lichen-like structures on Mars (NASA)

Green is one of the key personalities behind the NASA mission that will start drilling on the Martian surface in 2020. NASA’s Mars 2020 Rover will collect samples from Mars, and the testing will be completed by 2021, Green predicts.

Green predicts that the testing of the samples will provide vital clues behind the existence of extraterrestrial life on the Red Planet. The discovery of alien life could be revolutionary and it will open a whole new line of thinking, Green claims.

The findings are not conclusive proof of alien life, but can be considered as a stepping stone for future research.

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  1. These are called false fossils they happen all over planetary systems when different atoms or molecules arrange in diffent ways to form unusual shapes unique to themselves. Some resemble worms and tube and others what is expected with early life forms

    These scientist are probably so heavily drugged on the abundance of legal narcotics
    they are seeing and believing things that dont exist and not supported by science while the non drug using Chinese scientist are advancing ahead with physics defying advancements.

    All the while we have a government that can make no laws or sensible drug laws.

    our mystery Babylon

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