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Learning to Astral Project: Is It Safe?

astral travelImagine being able to fly off on a moment’s notice—you can visit exotic places, explore new worlds, drop in on friends and family who live very far away, possibly even reunite with loved ones who have passed away before returning to the comfort of your own home. You don’t need luggage, you don’t even need a ticket. All you need is to learn a technique known as astral projection.

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What Is Astral Projection

The term ‘astral projection’ comes from the ability to project your astral body—in other words, your spirit. Another term for this phenomenon you might be more familiar with is “out-of-body experience”.

When you astral project, your soul slips out of the body the way you slip out of your clothes. Unshackled by mortal ties, your soul is able to explore this world and various planes of existence. When it’s done, it simply returns from its travels and slips right back into the body.

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Is It Safe?

The idea of the soul leaving the body is just too close to death for comfort for some people, but the fact is that astral projection is perfectly safe. There is nothing that can keep you from returning your consciousness to your body at your own will.

In fact, if you are disturbed or startled when astral projecting, you’ll actually feel yourself return with a huge “whoosh” as though you’ve been sucked into a vacuum.

You don’t have to be afraid to try astral projecting—you’ve already done it. When we sleep, we pass in and out of the ideal states of consciousness for astral projection. Most of the time, we chalk it up to dreams because the experience seemed so surreal.

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If you can do it in your sleep, though, you can learn how to do it deliberately.

Learning to Astral Project

Since sleep is an ideal state to astral project, it’s an ideal place to start. You don’t have to wait to have one inadvertently; you can plan an intentional astral projection in your sleep.

Start planting suggestions in your subconscious by telling yourself several times each day, “I will astral project on Friday night.” You can of course choose whatever night of the week you want, but give yourself a few days.

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When Friday comes, tell yourself, “I will astral project when I go to sleep tonight.” Spend some time repeating this to yourself when you lay down to go to bed.

Chances are you will astral project that night. If you don’t, try the exercise again for the next week.

If you keep seeming to wake up the next morning without results, it might be that when you return to your body you’re in such a deep state of sleep that you don’t remember the experience in the morning.

If that’s the case, start adding the suggestion that you will wake up after you return to your body. Keep a recorder along-side the bed so you can relay your experiences when you wake up.

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Once you can project in your sleep, you might want to take up a meditation regime to further control your ability to do it. Start with short daily meditation sessions, about 5 minutes at a time, and expand them until you can meditate for a good 20 to 30 minutes.

After a few months, when you’ve mastered the art of a meditative state, go into it with the intent to astral project. You’ll find that when you astral project in meditation, as opposed to in sleep, you’ll be more fully aware of the experience and have much better recall.

A little practice and nothing can stop you. Just close your eyes and relax – you are now free to move about the universe.

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