Place Of The Gods: The Stargate At Abu Ghurob

Abu Ghurob (also known as Abu Gurab, or Abu Jirab) is a sun temple, a ‘burial center’ or ‘funerary complex’ for a new cult of Ra (because the actual function of a place is unclear) dating to around 2400 B.C. built by the Khemitians, who were indigenous ancient Africans, employed advanced forms of engineering and manufacturing to produce the artifacts in stone—and to cut, shape and lift the thousands of tons of stone that we see remnants of today.

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Many of these structures exhibit evidence of advanced machining. Perfectly round holes appear to be drilled right into and through the alabaster structures. It was excavated by Egyptologists between 1898 and 1901 by Ludwig Borchardt on behalf of the Berlin Museum and is located near the city of Memphis.

Abu Ghurob, means “Father of Crow’s Nests,” because of the great sight line from a small hill at the site, features many structures carved out of alabaster, a highly crystalline igneous (volcanic) rock.

The massive alabaster (Egyptian crystal) platform at Abu Ghurob

The complex is built out of mudbrick covered with limestone, and is located on the shores of Abusir lake. Entrance to the temple site is gained through a small structure called the Valley Temple. Archeologists have been unable to study the Valley Temple in detail.

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It is partially submerged and has suffered extensive damage. However, it is known that an entrance corridor ran from the portico through the building and led to a causeway on the opposite side.

Based on Ancient American oral tradition from Tennessee, retold by Cherokee wisdom keeper Dhyani Yahoo in her book ‘Voices of Our Ancestors’ describes formless “thought beings” called TLA beings who rode a sound wave from the Pleiades star cluster through a hole in space in East Tennessee and created the Cherokee.

All humans are dream children of these angels or elemental forces of Nature (the Egyptian Neter) who came from the stars. This legend obviously resonates with Khemetian belief concerning Abu Ghurob.

Curiously Dr. Eve Reymond, a scholar who had explored the ancient Egyptian Building Texts from Edfu, Egypt in her book ‘The Mythical Origin of the Egyptian Temple’ also tell of formless beings who came from the stars and created an island civilization in Egypt.

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These sages, as they were called, constructed an original mound where the creation of humankind took place. This island was called the Island of the Egg and was surrounded by the primeval water. The Edfu tale matches the Atlantis story as told by Plato of a civilization founded by the gods who created a hybrid race of humans.

Alternative researchers uphold the use of megalithic red granite blocks as a trademark of ‘Atlantean’ temple building. At Abu Ghurob one sees colossal red granite blocks weighing several tons that were precision products of this power plant.

Egyptologists guess that the massive basins were used to hold sacrificial animal blood, which ran through perfectly round channels cut into the paving. To support this hypothesis, they point to evidence of grooves cut into the stone floor of the courtyard that may have been used to drain away the blood.

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However there is not a single drop of DNA or other evidence to support this misconception. Other researchers, think that the basins were probably only symbolic, or decorative, since no knives or other equipment related to sacrifice have been discovered in the area.

While Stephen S. Mehler theorized that the ancient stone masonry pyramids were never originally designed and built to be tombs for kings, or anyone, but as energy devices that utilized flowing water and solar power from sunlight to produce varied forms of energy for the use of all people.

Interestingly, the inner surface of the basins are smooth to the touch and show signs of circular tool marks, suggesting that whoever crafted them did so with a technology we would admire today.

Source: Atlantis Rising Magazine Vol. 59: “The Lost World of Egypt’s Abu Ghurob” by William Henry

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