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Weird gnome-like creature filmed at waterfall in Iceland

Vigdis Hauser Hardardottir recently visited the stunning in its beauty and the most powerful waterfall in Europe Dettifoss (“Dettifoss” means “seething waterfall”) and made several videos there.

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At the same time, the girl did not notice anything special, except for the incredible feeling of the greatness of nature when you are next to an avalanche of water falling from a height of more than forty meters (200 cubic meters per second in winter and up to 500 in summer).

But when Vigdis watched the video, she was very surprised. A strange creature was seen, which, apparently, crawls out onto the site from a sheer rocky cliff.

As the girl clarifies, at that moment there was no one nearby, the rock itself is so steep that not a single animal, especially a person, could climb it. The appearance of this mysterious humanoid is also striking.

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It is no coincidence that Vigdis immediately remembered that Dettifoss waterfall is located in the Ausbirgi canyon (the territory of the Jokulsaurgluvur National Park), which, according to ancient legends, was once inhabited by elves – hultufoulk.

Are these mysterious creatures still living there?

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