Mysterious creature with ‘human-looking arms’ spotted in the state of Nevada

When a video appeared showing a “alien-looking” creature clutching its long arms to a rock, viewers were completely confused.

Last Tuesday, TikTok user “stinkyeyescrappy” published the clip and asked viewers if they recognized what “this little creature” could be. The creature bears a strong resemblance to a lizard that has a bumpy texture that covers its head to tail.

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It is seen sticking to a rock ‘s edge and not moving for a little while the woman turns the camera to reveal the front.

While a wild guess is being made by thousands of people, the lizard-like creature has four long limbs which some observers compared to a scary monster from a movie.

“If this is a real being, then it is very frightening”, wrote one user.

“It’s like Slenderman”, added another.

The author of the video said she found the creature in Boulder City in Nevada, the US. The author of the video tried to find an answer on Google, but to no avail.

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