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Twin soul

Twin Souls – Meaning and Symbolism of the Soulmate Myth

Twin soulThe body sooner or later will be extinguished by time, but there is one thing that survives physical death – true love.

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The soulmate theory is about reconnecting to one’s true self after many lives in different bodies with a missing piece.

The Soulmate Myth

According to Greek Mythology, God created souls that were androgynous, that is, they were neither male nor female, but beings that had both male and female attributes in one body, which consisted of four legs, four arms and a head with two faces.

These beings started to provoke the gods and Zeus decided to split them in two halves, diminishing their strength. Since then, each being, now walking on two legs each, lives in a desperate search for its other half in order to become complete again.


Twin Souls – Meaning and Symbolism

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The myth of the soulmate represents the human search for completeness and perfection.

Ancient eastern religions such as Mahayana Buddhism and Hinduism believed that the universe has infinite cycles of condensation and fragmentation, when the universe leaves the condition of being a perfect unity to become fragmented pieces of consciousness.

Humans, according to these beliefs, are micro particles of God, that carry with them, an unconscious wish to return to their source – the unity. In the west, this theory was also advocated by Plato.

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So, it is said that the evolution of all living creatures aims to the return to the original condition of perfect unity.

The part of the myth in which Zeus splits the perfect creature in two halves for being provocative towards the gods, symbolizes the need to become fragmented in order to achieve knowledge, and therefore, the genuine perfection, because some ask, “How could one ever be perfect if he was never given the opportunity to sin?”

According to this theory, perfection has to be a result of conscious choices and free-will and not a result of lack of choices, as some religions would suggest.


Reincarnation, Past Lives and Twin Souls

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Ancient schools of thought and many religions around the world argue that in order to achieve perfection, one must go through many different lives, in different places and times, in order to gather knowledge, wisdom, purify their souls and gain a higher level of consciousness.

It would be impossible to reach perfection if people could not be born many times, as one life is too short for such a great amount of lessons that one needs to learn to be able to become pure.

In this journey to reach their destiny, humans need to repair the mistakes made in previous lives at every new incarnation, as this is the process through which a person becomes better.

So it’s said that a person is reborn in a place and in a family that allows him or her to evolve by repairing situations that were left unsolved.

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An individual’s family and the people that a person meets during an incarnation are those whom he or she needs to pay old debts in a continuous exercise of love, patience, forgiveness and justice.

After many incarnations living among the same groups of people, it’s natural that they develop strong bonds and affinity.

Spiritism, a western reincarnationist religion, understands that these people that incarnate together in order to help each other evolve, are twin souls.

They will help each other become better people in the various roles they play in different incarnations – sometimes as fathers, sometimes as mothers, husbands, wives, friends, sons, daughters, brothers and sisters.

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Finally, it is believed that each person has one or more special being who is meant to be his or her soulmate. Since the evolutionary journey is full of traps, the imperfections of humans stop people from enjoying and recognizing this special someone.

Only after burning the imperfections away and becoming free of the heavy weight of karmic debts, does the soul finally realise that his or her twin soul had always been there. The union of two beings who have purified their souls through many incarnations can only be named true love.

Just like humanity sooner or later merge with its source becoming an unity, a soul also merges with his or her soulmate, becoming one perfect being.

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