Man claims to have photographed Bigfoot

A resident of Tucker County (West Virginia) Samuel Polishchuk claims to have encountered the legendary creature and even took photos that caused a wave of discussions on social networks.

Bigfoot, or Yeti, remained the subject of myths and stories for many years. Despite the lack of scientific evidence for its existence, belief in it lives on among some adventurers.

Samuel Polishchuk has joined the ranks of those who claim to have encountered this mysterious creature.

Polishchuk shared his photos in the Bigfoot Believers group on Facebook. He claims the pictures were taken on top of a cliff in a wooded area of ​​West Virginia.

In the photographs, a dark figure can be seen peeking out from behind the rock.

In the comments to the publication, Polishchuk described the strange behavior of his dog and an unusual smell in the air, which, in his opinion, preceded the meeting with Bigfoot.

“I’m not sure if that’s what I thought,” he remarked, describing his emotions.

However, experts and netizens are in no hurry to unequivocally accept the pictures as proof of the Yeti’s existence.

The producer of the hit TV show Expedition Bigfoot, Zack Hall, shared his experience and described the scent that Sasquatch allegedly smells like “a mixture of the smell of a damp, wet dog and a playful scent.”

Critics believe that the dark figure in the photographs can be explained by other reasons.

From “the lower part of the root system of a fallen tree” to “porcupine” – the assumptions are many. However, supporters of the Yeti theory insist on the presence of “eyes, nose and brownish hair” in the photographs.

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