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US military observes growing UFO activity near nuclear installations

Research by the Scientific Coalition for UAP Studies (SCU) points to mysterious links between UFOs and nuclear weapons during the Cold War.

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For many years, UFOs were considered something frivolous, on the verge of conspiracy nonsense, but recent research suggests a direct connection between unidentified objects and nuclear installations.

According to data compiled by the SCU, there is a strong correlation between sightings of UFOs and nuclear weapons, especially during periods of high tension during the Cold War.

SCU based its research on data from 1945 to 1975, when global political rivalry led to intensive development and testing of nuclear weapons systems.

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According to these data, sightings of UFOs increased significantly precisely in areas where nuclear tests were carried out and at missile development sites.

Specifically, these temporary bursts of reported UAP activity between 1945-1975 occurred at US atomic warfare facilities, missile and rocket development sites, and test facilities; and during the initial deployment of ICBMs and MIRV warheads.

In contrast, there were no similar patterns of elevated UAP report activity at conventional military bases without atomic weapons in this period.

Interestingly, UFOs showed little or no interest in military aircraft. Instead, their activity increased with the advent of new missile delivery systems, especially during the deployment of intercontinental ballistic missiles with multiple independent warheads.

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Interpreting the results of the SCU study leads to an important conclusion: UFO sightings probably matter.

In a statement, SCU emphasized that their analysis methodology is based on the methods used by the intelligence services to assess threats.

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