Hut and possible footprints of Bigfoot found in forest in Wales

British cryptozoologists say they may have discovered evidence of yetis in Wales after finding a primitive hut and huge footprints in a forest.

In woodlands near the town of Caerphilly in South Wales, a team of Sasquatch researchers discovered bare footprints measuring 16 inches (40 cm) in length.

To put this in perspective, the average human foot is approximately 26 cm long, and although such large feet are occasionally found in tall individuals, they are exceptionally rare.

The researchers stumbled upon these tracks and a rudimentary hut constructed from branches by sheer chance. They were in the forest to film a series of documentaries about cryptids for television.

The group included director Tim Whittard, renowned for his documentaries about the enigmatic big cats of Great Britain, and Canadian cryptozoologist Jason Kenzie, who commented, “This might be a Bigfoot footprint. The toes are clear, but I don’t see an interdigital fracture of the foot, which is considered an anatomical characteristic of the Yeti and is occasionally observed in its footprints.”

The so-called “interdigital break of the foot” (Midtarsal break), which allows for greater foot flexibility, is found in primates, but it is virtually absent in humans, with rare exceptions.

“Regrettably, this evidence remains inconclusive because no one witnessed who left these tracks. Nevertheless, judging by the size alone, it resembles an unidentified creature rather than an ordinary person,” concluded Kenzie.

Photographs of the hut discovered alongside the footprints were also made public, although no additional inspection details were provided.

Yeti sightings in Wales are infrequent but recurring. The most recent incident took place in 2016, also in close proximity to Caerphilly. A local resident reported encountering a hairy humanoid creature near a mountain.

Researchers express their disappointment with the Welsh police’s lack of cooperation. In 2021, they submitted a request to the police regarding messages they had received containing terms such as “Yeti,” “Bigfoot,” “ape-like figure,” “wild man,” and so forth, but their request was disregarded.

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