Jennifer Aniston lived in a haunted house once

GhostIn a recent interview, the actress of “Friends” explained that she was forced to call a ” ghost whisperer”.

Speaking to James Cordon on the’ Late Late Show’ on 6 December, Aniston recalled a spate of unusual events after moving from New York to Los Angeles.

She and her roommate had been experiencing, among other things, sudden, unexplained noises, like the dishwasher or the coffee maker starting up by themselves.

“The dishwasher started to go, the coffee maker started to go or the stereo turned on at full volume and it was terrifying,” she said.

Aniston said the ghost whisperer put frankincense in a little dish, and started “saying all these things” and when she brought the dish to one corner of the house, it cracked.

After she trusted a friend about the problem, she was advised to call a spiritual medium.

When the medium came, they walked around the house with a frankincense platter and uttered as they went. According to Aniston, the dish crashed in one corner of the room by itself.

However, what happened in the house remains a total mystery.

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