Sneaky Energy Vampires You May Not Recognize

Energy vampiresIf you live in modern society, chances are you’ve come across an energy vampire or two—maybe more. And if you’ve ever dealt with energy vampires, you know they can suck the life right out of you. Unfortunately, many energy vampires aren’t immediately recognizable. Be on the lookout for these sneaky types.

The Bully

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The bully is sneaky because he is so obvious. This energy vampire openly intimidates you, so that you become fearful. But what’s so sneaky is that he feeds off of your fear. Furthermore, he gets to know specifically what frightens you. That way he can use it to his advantage. He has no trouble using your fears against you so that you feel powerless and devoid of personal energy.

The Judge

Have you ever had someone constantly criticize you and judge your behavior? If so, you’ve met the judge energy vampire. How does this one suck your energy? Mostly by belittling you. Constructive criticism is one thing, but if someone is out to get you and make you feel small, that person is stealing your confidence, self-esteem and vitality.

Watch out for people who frequently nitpick or tell you what you “should” have done or could have done better.

The Questioner

The questioner is closely related to the judge. Whereas the judge usually comes right out and tells you what’s “wrong” with you, your behavior or your work, the questioner takes a more subtle approach. He asks questions to make you doubt yourself and your decisions.

Once he senses your confusion or regret, he feels like he’s won. And he has, because he’s stolen your energy of certainly and self-assurance.

The Standoffish

Aloof, standoffish and cool, this vampire is the person who can’t wish you well or share in your happy news. There is a “yeah, whatever” aura about this type of person. This vampire steals your energy by being a buzzkill and bursting your balloon, essentially cutting off your flow of joy.

The Victim

This is the “poor me” energy vampire. If you had a bad day, his was worse. Although these pity party people don’t mean to be malicious, they end up sapping your energy. Why? Because they make you feel guilty, and in many cases responsible. You end up unwittingly “donating” energy to them.

Ways To Block An Energy Vampire

Affirmations like “I am a whole, vibrant, positive light” or “Nothing outside me can bring me down” can help you when you are surrounded by energy vampires. Simply channeling into that positive energy will lift your minds if others want you to fall.

Also you might think it sounds a little crazy, but when you smile with someone else, you automatically share a positive vibration with them. This will discharge the energy vampire, as they expect nobody to respond to them this way. Energy vampires usually feel threatened in the presence of others with high vibrations, either from jealousy or other negative emotions.

So, just share a smile with them and let them know that you don’t judge them for their behavior. You want to see them happy and healthy, so a smile can help them to move in the right direction.

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