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Spiritual Awakening

Have Your Sleep Patterns Changed? It Could Be a Spiritual Awakening

Spiritual AwakeningGetting a good night’s rest is so important to your health and well-being. Have you noticed any changes lately in your normal sleep habits? After ruling out any health issues or conditions like depression, if you find that you’ve been experiencing sleep changes, you are not alone. Altered sleep patterns are often an indication of spiritual awakening.

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Another Sleepless Night?

Do you find that it takes you longer to fall asleep? What about waking up in the middle of the night? Or maybe you have discovered that you need more than the traditional eight hours. Then again even after a supposed good night’s rest you awaken only to feel like you never went to bed! Goodness, what is a person to do?

First of all don’t panic. Rule out any potential medical problems with your health care provider. Also take a look at what has been going on lately in your life. Have you been under more stress than usual? Having job or relationship issues? These things can keep you up at night and keep you from waking up refreshed.

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What about changes to your diet? Perhaps you’ve been drinking more caffeine than usual or eating heavier meals. This can affect your sleep too. And what about exercise? Are you getting enough or has your workout routine changed in any way? All of these factors can impact your sleep and sleep patterns.

Be objective and sincerely evaluate the differences in your sleep habits. Make sure you understand and try to correct any obvious issues that are affecting your sleep. Hopefully that should help you. But if things are otherwise normal or you’ve already corrected theses issues and you still find yourself tossing and turning it could be related to spiritual awakening.

A Spiritual Wake Up Call

Barring any physical problems or emotional issues, altered sleep patterns are common among people going through a spiritual awakening. Why? Essentially you are broadening and deepening your connection to Source and your Higher Self. When this occurs you are downloading new and expanded energies.

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Think of it as being a computer downloading lots of new programs and information. If too much data loads at once, the computer often slows down or even crashes. Our bodies are like bio computers. When we download all this extra spiritual energy and awareness we often compensate and it shows up as changing sleep patterns.

A lot of this “downloading” goes on at night while we sleep. Sometimes you’ll find yourself waking between 2 am and 4 am just to get a break and “reset” yourself, much like your computer.

Many in the New Age and spiritual community refer to this as ascension. We are ascending into higher vibrations and energetic frequencies. As the Age of Pisces comes to a close and the Age of Aquarius moves in, we are also subject to changes in galactic and cosmic energies. Since we are holistic beings, we will feel is physically as well as spiritually and emotionally.

How to Cope

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Part of the reason our sleep patterns are affected is due to our physical grounding. If you’re like most people you are constantly busy while awake. Amidst all this activity, you probably don’t give much thought to your body or its connection with the earth. Being well grounded physically can help you assimilate the higher frequencies associated with spiritual awakening.

Compare it to electricity. Haven’t you heard of having proper grounding or grounding wires? Or lightning rods that act to ground electrical discharges during storms? Without these devices, electric current would scatter and do damage. It’s similar with your body. Without good grounding, the energy scatters and can cause those sleep issues.

Help your body and soul by doing some grounding exercises. Walk barefoot on the earth, or sit on the grass. Try yoga or any physical exercises. Get out in nature and hug a tree. You can also try eating more protein. These things can help you ground your body in order to sleep better.

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As time goes by you will come to accept these new energies. Realize that it’s all part of the Great Shift and you are not alone. Together we can all ascend and awaken to a new dream!

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