Can’t Recall Your Dreams? What It Means And What To Do About It

Dream recallingDream interpretation is a fascinating subject. Dreams can reveal a lot about your psyche. Unfortunately you can’t achieve this benefit if you have trouble recalling your dreams. But don’t worry; there are simple reasons you can’t remember your dreams. And luckily there are things you can do to improve your dream recall.


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Do you often awake in the morning with no clue about your dreams? Don’t worry; you are not alone. We are often made to feel inadequate if we can’t remember those dreams from the night before.

So what does it mean if you can’t recall them? Most likely it means you’re normal. Surprised? Although it seems ironic, it is actually more common not to remember dreams.

According to modern neuroscience, the brain is generally designed to forget our dreams. While asleep, the neural connections in our brains don’t work the same way as when we are awake. Memory producing paths don’t fire or sync up, so although you are likely dreaming, you won’t remember.


So does this scientific explanation mean you should give up on you dreams, so to speak? Of course not!

Think of it this way: on the rare occasions when you do recall a dream, doesn’t it make a significant impact? You probably thought about it, analyzed it and mulled it over considerably. Chances are you found it insightful too.

So why wouldn’t you want to recall more of your dreams? Even for no other reason than it’s interesting and fun.


So what can you do to improve your dream recall? First of all, start off by telling yourself that you will remember your dreams. Before you go to bed at night, say an affirmation.

Another option, although disruptive, is to set your alarm clock to go off about every 90 minutes. This roughly coincides with the REM (rapid eye movement) cycles of sleep. If you awaken just after a REM cycle, you may recall your dreams.

Also keep a journal by your bed. We have a better chance of remembering dreams just as we awaken and before we get out of bed. Jot down any notes right away.

Finally, make sure you devote enough time to sleep. The best REM dream cycles happen after about five to six hours of sleep.

Keep practicing and eventually you’ll reach your dreams!

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