Not a Scientific Version: Why Does a Person Really Need To Sleep

Today’s science gives us some distorted idea of ​​many things, including the structure of the human body. Especially the mental part.

This is due to the initial denial by science of such a concept as the SOUL, and its mental or psychic energy is not taken into account in any way.

But in the 19th century, this was understood much better, say esotericists. Each person has a vessel – his store of psychic energy. During the day, a person spends it on making volitional decisions, giving impetus to any work, and over time this supply is depleted.

And then an interesting thing happens, his legs and arms refuse to move, his eyes close and the person can no longer stand. His soul ceases to control the body, the connection is lost! Man turns into a plant.

In fact, our physical body does not need sleep, the muscles just need to rest. Surprisingly, even our brain does not need sleep – it only needs food: calories and oxygen.

The brain is the same organ as the heart or kidneys, and of course it does not need sleep, just as the heart never sleeps, being continuously at work for years and decades.

Sleep is needed only for our soul to restore psychic energy. While in a dream, you restore your will, your ability to control and manipulate the material body.

If you don’t do anything, and don’t spend your psychic energy, then you won’t want to sleep either. We fall asleep not from physical fatigue, but exclusively from mental.


If after a hard day of complete physical labor we want to sleep, it’s not because of the tiredness of the body, but because of the tiredness of the soul, because it forced the body to do unpleasant work all day long.

Alcohol – does not give nervous strength, but it burns all residues very intensively. All the energy that was enough for a day is burned in an hour or two. At first, a person feels a surge from such an amount of energy being pumped into the furnace, but after that it quickly ends.

As a result, a person without psychic energy can no longer control his “animal body”. A drunk person falls down, cannot speak, behaves like an animal, precisely because alcohol has burned out psychic energy and the connection is lost.

Sometimes the psychic energy is not replenished in a dream and the connection is not restored and the person seems to be always drunk – this is insanity, as well as dementia, the return of a person to an “animal state”.

Hypnosis also exploits the lack of psychic energy. Using special techniques, the hypnotist breaks the connection between your physical body and your spirit. You lose control of your body, but the hypnotherapist gains it.

If a person has a lot of psychic energy, a strong will, he does not succumb to hypnosis.

Due to the fact that science denies the existence of the soul in particular and the spiritual world in general, science turns on the wrong path, therefore, for example, the nature of sleep remains a mystery to it, esotericists assure.

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Jake Carter

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