Malaysian villagers live in fear of a shadowy entity

A mysterious series of disturbances has left the villagers of Kampung Kepis on edge for the past two weeks, reports

The unsettling incidents include unexplained knocking on doors and sightings of a shadowy figure resembling a person.

The situation took an eerie turn on Wednesday night, as Haslinda Hassim, a 54-year-old resident, claimed to have witnessed the enigmatic entity outside her home around 9.40 pm.

According to Haslinda, her 17-year-old child had earlier urged her to secure all doors and windows, citing disturbances in a nearby house.

“My child came home with a friend and asked me to open the kitchen door.

“Suddenly, we heard a sound like something had dropped or fallen outside the house,” said Haslinda when met at her house.

From her elevated vantage point, she observed what seemed like an object falling, leading her to witness a peculiar shadowy entity that appeared to be crawling.

“At first, I brushed it off, thinking it was just my eyes playing tricks on me – an illusion of sorts.

“But when I saw it again, it made direct eye contact, stood up, and swiftly dashed towards the main road, fading away into the darkness,” she recounted.

Since that unsettling night, Haslinda’s home has become a focal point for these mysterious disturbances, occurring four more times.

The latest episode unfolded in the stillness of the wee hours, around 2.30 am.

During this eerie visitation, scratching noises echoed on the walls, accompanied by sounds as if something or someone was attempting to pry open one of the windows.

Residents, including Mariam Johit, 67, also reported similar experiences, with her daughter witnessing the shadowy entity after hearing the house’s fence being shaken.

“This is the fifth time our home has been disturbed. Last night, at home with my two children and grandchild, at around 9pm, we heard the house’s front gate shake.

“My daughter, Noreennor Mohd Noor, 38, looked through the curtains and saw the shadowy entity lurking outside the house.

“She screamed ‘there’s someone mak’ before she rushed to open the front door and went out, but then the shadowy entity moved to the side of the house,” she said.

Mariam added that her daughter recounted hearing rapid footsteps before the mysterious entity vanished into thin air.

“Family members, relatives and other villagers had surrounded our house but did not find nor spot anything,” she said.

Kampung Kepis Hilir Development and Safety Committee chairman Mohammad Sah Sulaiman hoped for an immediate end to the unsettling events.

“This disturbance has been going on for more than a week now, and it has caused fear and chaos among the local folk, so much so some of them are afraid to go to the toilet in their own homes to relieve themselves,” he said.

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