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Alien abduction

A head injury helped the man remember a meeting with aliens

Alien abductionThe head injury was not serious, but it touched something in the brain and the man remembered everything. The man named Francis recently got a head injury, after which he suddenly remembered about the terrible event that he experienced 11 years ago.

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He contacted the paranormal website “Singular Fortean Society” and told them the details of what happened.

11 years ago, he lived in Madison, Wisconsin. It was the summer of 2008. It all started when Francis and his girlfriend stood in the evening near the house and smoked, and suddenly they saw something very bright high in the sky.

“I joked that it was a UFO, and my girlfriend laughed and said that most likely it was a glimpse of spotlights from a baseball stadium” – says Francis.

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They both went in that direction to test the theory of the girlfriend. The object in the sky could now be seen well and it was of a very regular shape and at the same time, it produces a metallic sheen. The light coming out of it was bright and white. Probably frightened, Francis and his girlfriend ran home and then went to bed. And during that night, Francis felt strange.

“There was something that affected my condition”.

The next morning, he woke up with a sense of fear, but not remembering anything. What happened to him that night, he remembered only 11 years later, after he stumbled on the stairs and hit his head.

Francis remembered that he was lying on some surface, and around him were short creatures with large almond-shaped eyes and pale skin. They were similar to each other like drops of water, and behind them stood other creatures, very tall, commanding small ones. Small creatures did some procedure.

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The tall ones talked telepathically among themselves, and the little creatures used ordinary speech, but this speech was like the automatic speech of robots.

“I somehow understood their connection with each other. It seems that they simply did not expect me to be conscious during this. I also felt intense fear and immediately asked them to remove this fear. And they did it. I immediately began to feel calmer”.

Afterwards, Francis directly asked what they were doing to him.

“We are doing what is necessary for the human race” – they replied.

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What happened next, Francis could not remember. But he checked himself from head to foot and found a mark on his hand, a pattern in the form of three circles inside a triangle.

And then he found a small piece of metal in his auricle and asked the surgeon at the hospital to remove it, what had been done.

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