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New documentary strongly argues that we are not alone

“The Phenomenon” will feature archival interviews with major government officials that have never been seen before.

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Whether we’re alone in the universe remains one of the greatest philosophical conundrums of our time, but there’s a growing number of people–including high-ranking military and government officials–who believe we’ve been visited by aliens already.

Director James Fox will investigate more than 70 years of’ hidden UFO history’ in the new documentary “The Phenomenon”, in search of evidence of extraterrestrial encounters.

The film will feature interviews with leading government officials such as former Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and John Podesta, former White House Chief of Staff.

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It will also contain an archival video of many high-profile and known UFO witnesses.

“Twenty-five years into investigating unidentified aerial phenomena, I’m faced with the unavoidable fact they’re real, they’re global, and we’re potentially dealing with a form of consciousness that shares our world and impacts our lives in powerful ways,” said Fox.

“Our team has assembled the most compelling testimony and evidence from around the world that will lead even the most ardent skeptics to the inescapable conclusion that we are not alone.”

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“The Phenomenon” will be coming to theaters in September.

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