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Ufologist discovered a transforming alien structure on Mercury

Well-known Taiwanese ufologist Scott Waring surprised with another discovery.

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This time, an expert in the field of the unknown discovered a transforming alien structure on the planet Mercury.

According to Waring, he studied the images of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) as usual. This time, the ufologist drew attention to the planet Mercury. Photos of the surface of this planet were taken on different days.

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Material analysis showed that the mysterious structure was changing shape.

“Due to a glitch on the NASA side, they placed the crater next to the same crater but on different days or months later, resulting in a major glitch.

“Each crater is clearly the same, but the structure within has changed shape. If the inhabitants are not biological, but are artificial intelligence, then this would explain how this is possible.

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“However, humanity is still comprehending the concept of biological intelligent life forms that exist in the universe. And now they must realize the existence of artificial life forms. The truth is undeniable. AI life exists on Mercury,” the ufologist summed up.

Remarkably, Scott Waring is sure that aliens inhabit many celestial bodies, including the Sun, which, in his opinion, is hollow. Thus, Mercury is not at all an exception to the presence of alien life there, as the researcher again believes.

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