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A black UFO flew over the wires in Canada and cut off the electricity

On May 20, 2021, a resident of Ontario, Canada, noticed a strange-looking flying object in the sky, which did not look like a drone, but rather resembled a black flying “mushroom”.

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The man began filming the object with his phone as it floated at medium speed along a level course at low altitude.

The object moved completely silently, and neither wings nor propellers were visible on it. UFO was no more than one meter wide in size.

At some point, an object flew right over the pole with wires and a lantern, and the lantern turned off a couple of seconds after that, as if the object cut off the electricity.

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“What the hell is this?”, the voice of the person filming can be heard on the video.

Almost two years have passed since the shooting of this object, but it has not been clarified what this object was.

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