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The skies over Beijing mysteriously turn black in middle of day

The skies over Beijing turned dark and black in the middle of the day on Thursday. Chen Beingzhong, a life-long Beijing resident described it in one report to the Epoch Times “as an alarm from god.”

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He said that there was “Thunder rolling. Heavy gale blowing. The sky was very dark … I have never seen this in my life.”

2057 members of the government are currently sitting in Beijing, and their agenda is not good for Christians. Word spills out of the conference about new rules for the church.

The Government is drawing up new plans to further persecute the underground house church.

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Reports have not yet come out, but it seems like the new coronavirus outbreak is being used as a pretext for the Communist Party to exert even more pressure on the Church than it has had in the last two years.

The dense dark clouds that came down to Beijing on Thursday seemed like a sinister warning that the powers of darkness had swept into the area.

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