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How to Keep Ghosts from Following You Home

Some people love to visit haunted places– the thrill of passing through an old cemetery or going on a ghost walk tour is exciting. Other people don’t necessarily intend to go someplace haunted, but find themselves there inadvertently when visiting friends or staying at an old hotel.

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The biggest problem with haunted places is that sometimes you don’t come home alone. Here’s how to avoid bringing home an unwanted guest.

Be Aware

Some people think ghosts are tied to a specific location, and while for some ghosts this is true (because of a trauma they endured there that keeps them emotionally bound to it) for others this is just not the case. They’re just ‘hanging around’, so to speak, because they’re familiar with the place, or were laid to rest there.

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They’re not particularly stuck or bound to that place; they’re free to roam around the universe. This just happens to be their current choice, but it doesn’t mean they have to stay there. They can follow someone, if they wish, to a new location.

Don’t Draw Attention

Sometimes people draw attention to themselves, but not in a good way. By mocking the ghost or acting silly, by being loud and boisterous, or by trying to communicate with the spirit world when you’re unqualified to do so, you can capture the attention of the local haunts.

They might follow you home because you’ve angered them, or simply because you’ve piqued their curiosity. If you’re in a haunted place, mind your manners and don’t attempt to do anything that you have not been trained to do. This will reduce your risk of being followed.

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Say a Prayer

Before leaving a haunted place, especially when you sense malevolent spirits afoot, it’s a good idea to pray for protection. You can pray to your Higher Power, or call down your guardian angels to engulf you in a white light of protection and purity. This will essentially shield you from any evil or maligning entities that might think about going home with you.

Protect your Home

Keeping your home protect is also a good way to stop any ghosts in their tracks. Smudging your home regularly to cleanse it, using salt barriers by sprinkling salt around the property or having the home occasionally blessed and protected will keep any unwanted guests on the outside.

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This is something you should keep up on a regular basis (as often as you feel is necessary), however, if you know you’re going somewhere haunted you may want to be pro-active and make sure it’s done before you leave the house. That way, upon your return, your protection measures will take effect.

Be Careful of What You Bring Home With You

Sometimes it’s not a place at all that a spirit is attached to; it can be an object. Carrying a relic or antique that was treasured by someone long past in a house known to be haunted is a good way to bring a problem home with you. Unless you can have the item blessed or exorcised before bringing it home, you should probably opt to leave it where it is.

If you have inadvertently brought something home with you, a good way to get rid of the ghost attached to it is to bring it back to where you originally found it. Don’t just throw it away—this may anger the spirit even further and it may seek to attack you.

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By Mackenzie Wright

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