What Is Your Sun Number? Find Out Now

Sun numberYour Sun number works a lot like your astrological Sun sign. It tells you a thing or two about your personality traits. To find yours, simply add together the month and day of your birth.

For example, if you were born on June 4, add 6 (for June) and 4, which equals 10. Then reduce that to a single digit 1+0=1. That’s your Sun number. Once you calculate yours, read the descriptions below.

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Sun Number 1

Number 1s are headstrong and have a determined “can do” attitude. They have great stamina, but can be dominating if not careful. They are passionate and somewhat possessive lovers.

Sun Number 2

Number 2s are intuitive and sensitive. Despite their fragility, they are extremely resilient. As romantic partners they are sensual and always aim to please their partners.

Sun Number 3

Number 3s are inventive and creative, but sometimes lack discipline. They are upbeat and positive lovers, but tend to shy away from commitment.

Sun Number 4

Number 4s are hard working and practical, but can be demanding at times. Although they aren’t the most romantic lovers, they are very faithful.

Sun Number 5

Number 5s are movers and shakers who love change, but may lack responsibility. They are adventurous romantic partners, and once they find the right person, they are extremely loyal.

Sun Number 6

Number 6s make great caregivers and get along with almost everyone. They often take their responsibilities too seriously. When it comes to love, they take that seriously too.

Sun Number 7

Number 7s are thinkers, philosophers and spiritual scholars. They can be a little nerdy when it comes to love, but they make excellent partners once the ice is broken.

Sun Number 8

Number 8s are large and in charge. They are capable and self-confident, but can be controlling at times. In the romance department, they are faithful and committed lovers.

Sun Number 9

Number 9s are idealists who want to make a difference in the world, but run the risk of being self-righteous at times. Romantically, they are aloof at first, but are great to be around once they warm up.

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