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Woman claims she hasn’t slept in over 11 years

36-year-old Tran Thi Luu from Quang Ngai (Vietnam) surprises and delights with her incredible endurance and optimism. She has been suffering from insomnia for over 11 years and her story has attracted the attention of social media users and local media.

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Her torturous sleepless marathon began 11 years ago after a strange episode that changed her life. One day, tears flowed from her eyes for no apparent reason. Even trying to sleep did not help solve the problem.

Soon Tran Thi Luu lost the ability to fall asleep completely. Her mind remained alert, but she could not sleep. For the past 11 years, she has spent most of her time lying down with her eyes closed, resting while her husband and children slept.

Tran Thi Luu shared her story with local journalists, emphasizing that it is not fiction: “The story that I didn’t sleep for 11 years is true, not made up or embellished to get likes or views.”

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Her husband became her reliable support during these dark years. Every night he advised her to calm down, close her eyes and try to sleep, but alas, it was useless.

Ms Luu’s neighbor confirmed her condition, saying she first became aware of the woman’s insomnia 10 years ago and had discussed it with her several times since then. Despite the improbability of this story , those close to Tran Thi Luu are confident in its veracity.

Insomnia forced Tran Thi Luu to seek medical help. She visited a psychiatric hospital in Quang Ngai province, where she was diagnosed with severe insomnia. Doctors prescribed her the medicine, but the side effects were too severe and she had to stop taking it after a few months.

Despite his condition, Tran Thi Luu remains optimistic and hopeful for the future. She admits her health is suffering due to chronic sleep deprivation, but she remains hopeful that she will one day be able to enjoy quality sleep again.

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