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The world’s first fox-dog hybrid was accidentally discovered in Brazil

Foxes are members of the canid genus, but they are believed to be so different from dogs that there can be no hybridization between foxes and dogs, meaning they do not give birth to offspring.

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However, a unique animal was discovered in Brazil, which is a hybrid of a fox and a dog. This was confirmed by genetic tests. In particular, the creature turned out to have 76 chromosomes – a combination of 74 fox chromosomes and 78 dog chromosomes.

The animal, with black and reddish fur, large pointed ears, a narrow muzzle and a medium bushy tail, was accidentally hit by a car, suffering non-fatal injuries.

When he was taken to the veterinarians, they were immediately puzzled by the question of what type of animal this creature belonged to. By the way, this happened back in 2021, but the news hit the media only the other day, when a report on this unique hybrid was published in the scientific journal Animals.

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Despite the fact that the animal was obviously wild and wary of people, it quickly “softened” and even allowed itself to be petted. According to genetic tests, the mother of this creature was a pampas fox, and the father was a domestic dog of an unspecified breed.

The gender of the unusual hybrid was female and scientists believe that the “foxdog” was capable of successful reproduction. The animal refused dog food, but successfully killed and ate live mice that were thrown to it.

Sometimes she barked like a dog, sometimes she played with dog toys, and her manner of movement was exactly like that of a fox.

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Alas, the dog cat did not live to see the news about herself published and died in early 2023 from unknown reasons. It is possible that the injuries she received from the car did seriously damage her internal organs.

“It was an amazing animal, a true cross between a pampas fox and a dog. It was not docile like a dog, but it also lacked the aggressiveness expected of a wild animal.

“She had a shy and cautious personality and usually preferred to stay away from people. During the time she was in the hospital for treatment, I believe she began to feel safer,” said Flavia Ferrari, a conservationist who cared for the canine fox.“

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Now scientists have speculation that there may be other dog-fox hybrids lurking in the Brazilian wild.

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