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Scientists warn: alien life can observe human activity on Earth from other galaxies

Experts believe that life on Earth can be observed from 2,034 star systems, reports

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Scientists from Cornell University have discovered 2,034 star systems, the potential inhabitants of which can observe people on planet Earth. Some of them are so close that the “local” aliens with the necessary technology can even pick up radio emissions from our planet.

In order to conduct this study, astronomers decided to resort to the transit method, which is usually used to search for exoplanets.

As it turned out, for five thousand years, the planet Earth has been visible from 1,715 star systems. Another 319 will be able to see Earth in the next 5,000 years, included a few systems where scientists have spotted Earth-like planets.

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“When I look up at the sky, it looks a little bit friendlier because it’s like, maybe somebody is waving,” said Lisa Kaltenegger, director of the Carl Sagan Institute at Cornell University, and the report’s lead author.

Also, 75 star systems have the ability to record radio transmissions of planet Earth with the proper equipment.

Carnegie Institution for Science’s Alan Boss, who wasn’t part of the study, called the research “provocative.”

He said in addition to viewing Earth moving in front of the star, space telescopes nearby could spot us even if the cosmic geometry is wrong.

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“So intelligent civilizations who build space telescopes could be studying us right now.”

Experts, including Stephen Hawking, have previously warned against trying to contact extra-terrestrial life because they could harm us.

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