Mysterious “tower” was discovered on the asteroid Eros

Researcher Scott Waring believes he has discovered a mysterious structure on the asteroid Eros, which is currently zipping through the constellation Aquarius.

According to Waring, this mysterious structure has a diameter of about 50 meters (164 ft) and a height of 150 meters (492 ft). He claims that the shadow cast by the structure indicates its impressive size.

Surprisingly, the photo provided by Waring is strikingly different from NASA’s official description of the asteroid. Waring wonders why the US space agency did not mention the structure on the surface of Eros, and offers his own interesting theory.

According to the ufologist, this mysterious tower on the asteroid serves as a kind of radar, recording data and transmitting it to an unknown planet.

He claims that during his rare flyby of the Earth, Eros detects the activity of alien ships crossing its territory. For Waring, this could be an early warning system designed to protect Earth and alert about sightings of alien civilizations.

“People couldn’t live that long without protection. If several types of alien entities do not prevent attacks on us, then we have our own alien defenders,” says the ufologist.

Waring says the discovery could be the key to unlocking the long-awaited question of the existence of alien life and their possible role in protecting our planet.

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