Over brazil

Something very strange is happening over Brazil at night

Over brazilOn June 26, the equipment of the Brazilian meteorological station BRAMON recorded a certain meteoric rain, during which at least 9 meteorites entered the atmosphere. It is also worth noting that the objects moved to the ground surprisingly parallel to each other.

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Two days later, on June 28, the surveillance cameras filmed the strange falling object that is presented in the video below.

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Mysterious falls continued on July 11th. That night, a luminous object of circular shape reappeared in the sky. Later several more UFOs flew out of it.


Something similar earlier, July 3, was filmed in England, and July 6-10 – in the United States, in Florida. Oddities have become more frequent around the world, and, moreover, especially many anomalies began to appear over Brazil.

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According to some prophecies, it is Brazil that will become a kind of ark after the end of the world.

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