Musician learned to “see” the music after a traumatic brain injury

Miracles happen not only in fairy tales, but also in real life. A musician from Vanderbilt University witnessed a delightful phenomenon after a traumatic brain injury changed his musical world.

This amazing discovery was confirmed by specialists from the aforementioned university, and the results of the study are published in the journal Neurocase.

According to the report, a man who worked as a music teacher after the end of his creative career was injured in a car accident in 2021, resulting in a serious head injury.

A CT scan showed that blood had accumulated on the surface of his brain, but fortunately no surgery was required. Three days later, the patient was discharged from the hospital, but immediately after that he began to have memory problems. In addition, for the first time he began to “see” the music.

Scientists conducted a series of tests to confirm the words of the musician, and the results were astounding. It turned out that he had an unusual need to compose music all the time. Surprisingly, the strange symptoms disappeared when the musician fully recovered from the injury.

The researchers concluded that the patient’s traumatic brain injury triggered synesthesia, a rare neurological disorder in which different sensations and feelings are intertwined. In this case, the musician’s vision and hearing have become closely linked, allowing him to “see” the music.

This amazing discovery could open up new approaches to brain research and understanding the relationships between different senses and perceptions.

Synesthesia has been a topic that has attracted the attention of many scientists and artists for decades. This discovery may inspire artists and musicians to create new works and experiment with synesthetic elements.

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