Ukraine: an 83-year-old woman revived 10 hours after death

An 83-year-old resident of Ukraine for more than ten hours showed no signs of life.

Doctors stated the death of a resident of the Vinnitsa region, but after 10 hours she woke up. Doctors are absolutely sure that during this time the woman had no signs of life.

Previously, an elderly woman suddenly felt very unwell, but when the ambulance arrived at the scene, they declared the death of a woman. The patient’s pulse was not felt, and the cardiogram showed a “straight line”.

Upon learning that the woman was pronounced dead, her relatives began preparations for the burial: they ordered a funeral service, a memorial meal, and already dug up the grave.

According to the latest information from local media, the woman is currently feeling satisfactory. Doctors are still at a loss as they cannot explain the miracle that happened.

As the deputy chief physician of the medical institution said, in her practice such “resurrection” occurred for the first time.

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