In Florida, a hunting camera captured an unidentified ape-like creature

In the US state of Florida, a hunting camera installed in an unnamed location took a picture of a mysterious creature. The creature generally resembles a chimpanzee, however, it is either a chimpanzee with malformed facial bones, or it is not a chimpanzee.

There are no monkeys in the wild in Florida at all, but for several decades there have been rumors about the so-called Skunk ape, an ape-like cryptid.

This cryptid is sometimes described as a primate like a chimpanzee, orangutan or gorilla, and sometimes as something very human like a Bigfoot.

The camera image was given to cryptozoologists by an unnamed owner of the camera and published on the Rocky Mountain Sasquatch Organization researchers blog.

“My buddy that researches the Florida Skunk Ape was sent this from our neck of the woods,” the contributor wrote. “If it’s a fake it’s a good one! What do you think it is?”

According to cryptozoologists, the picture may show a mother with a cub. The cub’s fur is lighter, we can see its head and part of the shoulders.

The skunk ape is a cryptid ape-like creature alleged by cryptozoologists to inhabit forests and swamps in the southeastern United States. The alleged creature is also commonly referred to as the Florida Bigfoot, and is often compared to, synonymous with, or called the “cousin” of Bigfoot, a prominent subject within North American popular culture.

The Skunk ape has been recorded as appearing in Florida, Georgia, and Alabama folklore since European settlers first occupied the region.

In 1818, local newspapers reported a story from what is now Apalachicola, Florida, that spoke of a “man-sized monkey” raiding food stores and stalking fishermen along the shore.

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