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27 volumes works of the Brother’s Grimm discovered

Original books by the Brothers Grimm, which were considered lost during World War II, were found in the Adam Mickiewicz University Library.

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Fortunately, the unique works of scientists, containing handwritten notes and annotations, have been preserved, reports

A recent discovery at the Adam Mickiewicz University Library has revealed 27 original volumes containing the works of the Brothers Grimm, famous for fairy tales such as Hansel and Gretel and Little Red Riding Hood.

Photo: Adam Mickiewicz University Library

These volumes contain rare engravings and unique editions that provide insight into the Brothers Grimm’s research methods.

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In the footnotes and indexes of their publications, the Brothers Grimm cited their own sources, and also left handwritten underlines, notes and annotations.

Photo: Adam Mickiewicz University Library

According to the researchers: “The volumes found in the university library were long thought to be lost during the Second World War. They are of significant value as they contribute to the development of modern research into the literary and scientific heritage of the Brothers.”

Researchers suggest that even more treasures may be hidden in the library’s collections, which ended up there during the chaos of war and the post-war movement of library collections.

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