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Man says he hasn’t eaten anything in 17 years and only drinks soda

Gholamreza Ardeshiri , a resident of Iran , says that for 17 years he has been drinking three liters of carbonated drinks a day, eating nothing and sleeping only four hours a day, reports

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According to him, he has stopped eating since 2006 because he no longer feels hungry. And that he has enough energy from soda to be both alive and well-fed.

Gholamreza Ardeshiri works as a fiberglass repairman. One kind of food makes him sick, although he never figured out why this happened to him.

“I had a strange feeling, as if I had something like hair in my mouth. I felt that the beginning of this hair was in my mouth, and the end was in my stomach.

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“It felt like a hair was stuck in my throat and I felt like I was choking, it was so tight I didn’t know what to do. I can’t describe it, but it was kind of crazy.”

The man was repeatedly examined by doctors, but they could not give him a final diagnosis. He was sent from one specialist to another, but nothing was cleared up.

“Everyone recommended different doctors, and doctors who couldn’t diagnose my illness then referred me to their colleagues.”

“I constantly either sat in the doctor’s office or was in the hospital from morning to night, but no one could diagnose my illness. There were no hairs in my mouth, but the feeling of their presence was crazy.

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“To get rid of this feeling, I went to all the doctors you can think of, until the kidney doctor and hematologist said it was better to see a psychiatrist, and then they left me to decide everything for myself.”

Since then, the Ardeshiri family has stopped eating in front of him, as the sight of food makes him terribly nauseous.

Presumably, the fact that the man began to sleep only four hours a day was the result of drinking a large amount of soda containing caffeine and other invigorating substances.

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